Wall-mounted Unicorn head

Unicorns' conservation status puts them beyond the reach of most hunters, but you too can display the dismembered head of Satan's second-most beloved creation thanks to the Toscano Alicorn Unicorn Trophy Wall Sculpture ($25, Amazon). Offered in "antique stone," which is to say resin-bound plaster dust, it's about a foot square yet weighs only three pounds.

"Majestic," reports verified purchaser Danielle Summer. "For some reason when I was reading the product description I thought it said five inches. It is definitely larger than five inches."

"Far too pointy," writes Hunkulees in a review that 15 people found helpful. "Weirdest rectal thermometer I ever bought. Would buy again."

Douglas M. Taylor, however, deducted a star because a rainbow was not included: "Would have given it 5 stars if it came with a rainbow."