Self-proclaimed rocket scientist puts "flat-earth-proving" launch on hold

Evolution missed its chance Saturday at ridding the round planet of a "self-taught" rocket scientist bent on proving the earth is flat by launching off in his homemade rocket.

"Mad" Mike Hughes claims the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) told him he wouldn't be able to conduct his launch at his preferred location in Amboy, Calif. There also was of course some technical difficulties with his motorhome rocket launcher. The 61 year old plans on continuing his launch sometime next week.

It's incredibly stupid if Hughes' plans to go through with his mission and this isn't just a minor publicity stunt being picked up by major news outlets, but still, I commend you "Mad" Mike Hughes for being so blinded by your ignorance that you're willing to risk your life (and possibly others) to set the heavily proven scientific record straight.

The BLM should step out of Hughes' way and let this odd maniac prove once and for all if the earth really is round, spherical, flat or just a pyramid functioning as a grain silo. Either way Hughes' expedition will guide us toward the truth or at the very least prevent the gene pool from becoming further contaminated should there be more mechanical issues mid flight.

Via the Desert Sun:

Not having the required federal permits plus mechanical problems with his "motorhome/rocket launcher" have forced self-taught rocket scientist "Mad" Mike Hughes to put his experiment on hold.

The United States Bureau of Land Management "told me they would not allow me to do the event … at least not at that location," Hughes said in a YouTube announcement, amid international attention over his plans to launch into the 'atmosflat.' "It's been very disappointing," he said.

Image: Blanko