Dynamicland: a collaborative programming environment inside a whole building that you modify by doodling on paper

Dynamicland is a new nonprofit based in Oakland, where they are building a collaborative computing space, kitted out with cameras and projectors that allow people to work together to compose computer programs by scribbling on ordinary paper, have those doodles parsed by an interpreter, and then have the programs run as projections on the flat surfaces of the rooms.

The early backers include EFF co-founder Mitch Kapor and Mac co-inventor Andy Hertzfeld, as well as UCSF.

Dynamicland's proposal is to be a workspace, gallery, all-ages classroom, town hall, and model for more spaces like it around the world.

A humane dynamic medium embraces the countless
ways in which human beings use their minds and bodies,
instead of cramming people into a tiny box of pixels.

One guest, after spending time at Dynamicland, held up
his smartphone and shouted, "This thing is a prison!"

Dynamicland is a communal computer,
designed for agency, not apps,
where people can think like whole humans.

It's the next step in our mission to
incubate a humane dynamic medium
whose full power is accessible to all people.


(via Kottke)