Powerful film on how Bronx Freedom Fund rescues those who can't afford bail

Bail is intended to compel defendants show up for court, but for poor citizens who can't make bail, it can lead to pre-trial jail terms that can ruin their lives. The Bail Project profiles Ramel, who was bailed out by the nonprofit Bronx Freedom Fund.

Via the production team at Variable:

The Bronx Freedom Fund pays the bail for people accused of misdemeanors who cannot afford their freedom. Who are these people? They are often the most vulnerable in our community and those with the least public voice. They are people like Ramel.

Having Ramel share his story with us was transformative – to be innocent and have your liberty denied is a national shame. His story galvanized us to make this film because his voice not only deserves to be heard, but needs to be heard. His courage, resolve and compassion is an inspiration and it's time to shine a light on this grave injustice being visited upon far too many of our fellow citizens.

The Bronx Freedom Fund, and now the national Bail Project, is doing their part – Ramel's story is a stirring reminder that it's up to all of us to step up and do ours.

The Bail Project is an unprecedented national effort to combat mass incarceration by keeping tens of thousands of low-income Americans out of pretrial detention. The organization grows out of The Bronx Freedom Fund and will expand to dozens of high-need jurisdictions with the goal of reducing the unacceptable human suffering caused by unaffordable cash bail and supporting community efforts to end the racial disparities endemic to this system.

The Bail Project (Vimeo / Variable)