Flight carrying over 80 plumbers forced to turn back because of toilet problems

How many plumbers does it take to unclog a Norwegian Air toilet? Apparently, way more than 80.

A Norwegian Air flight was shuttling over 80 plumbers from Oslo to Munich for a trade event, but less than an hour after takeoff the passengers were informed that the plane had to return to Oslo. Why? "Toilets problems!"

But rather than the usual angry mob of passengers a flight crew usually encounters when there's a forced return landing, this plane was full of laughter.

"Seldom has there been more laughter in an airplane . . . when the reason given is 'toilet problems,'" one of the plumbers on board told the Washington Post. "Even the flight attendant came and told me that she has never done a U-turn with that many passengers smiling on board," he said. "We are still smiling."

And actually, jokes aside, it would normally take less than 80 plumbers to deal with a faulty Norwegian Air toilet – but these toilets need to be fixed from the outside of the plane.

Image: Adrian Pingstone