The Internet Archive's Military Industrial Powerpoint Complex: eyeball-lancing collection of terrible US military slides

The Internet Archive celebrated its 20th anniversary with a variety of special events and collections, including the cleverly named Military Industrial Powerpoint Complex, an archive of US military bureaucratic slide-decks that are as cringey as they are hideous.

You can celebrate these marvels of the military bureaucratic communications system with a special "battledecks" Powerpoint karaoke event at the Internet Archive in San Francisco on March 6: contestants download a random military powerpoint and present it sight unseen, improvising the accompanying explanation.

If you can't make it to the event, you can peruse the archive yourself from the comfort of your bunker; or follow Motherboard's Matthew Gault on his guided tour of offensive, outdated, boring, and weird highlights of the collection.

Military Industrial Powerpoint Complex [US Military/Internet Archive]

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