Poop-themed toys rule New York Toy Fair

New York Toy Fair is the world's largest toy show and its trends are a preview of the toys that will fill the shelf this Christmas; that means that you need to get ready for an enormous variety of poop-themed toys, including poop-shaped squishy balls, the "Flush n Frenzy" toilet-flushing game, "Don't Step in It" where blindfolded players try to walk an obstacle course of turds made from modeling clay, and "Plunge It," where players try to pick up poops with toy plungers.

Last Christmas's surprise hit toys were largely poop-themed, prompting manufacturers to double down on number twos.

Alex Brands in Fairfield has two poop-themed toy offerings — a game called Plunge It, where players compete to see who cam grab a foam poop with their plunger, and a soft foam PooBall, shaped like you know what.

Florida-based toy company Basic Fun is selling a line of collectable characters called Poopeez. The characters, which have poop and bathroom inspired shapes and names, are sold in containers that look like toilet paper rolls, live in a made-up land called Kerplopolis, and star in a series of webisodes.

Get a load of this: Poop toys becoming trendy [Joan Verdon/North Jersey]

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