Jailed gentleman holds in possible evidence-bearing poop for 40 days

A suspected drug dealer may or may not have swallowed his wares when arrested, but he's quite determined not to incriminate himself. He vowed "he would die rather than poop."

Essex News reports on the curious case of Lamarr Chambers:

But while Essex Police can offer Mr Chambers all possible means of 'helping him go' – they can't actually force him to take any medication. Speaking on behalf of the Crown, Kathy Wilson QC said: "Mr Chambers has not properly been to the toilet for some 33 days. You have to consider whether or not he is not taking on enough food in order to frustrate the seizing of police evidence. He is being more than adequately looked after by Essex Police. He has been offered fluids and food.

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Jailed drug suspect goes 40 days without pooping (SFGate)