Lacoste drops its iconic crocodile to bring awareness to 10 endangered animals

See ya later, er, crocodile.

For an extremely-limited edition line of polo shirts, Lacoste is temporarily replacing its iconic green crocodile logo with the likenesses of 10 different endangered animals. The French clothing brand partnered with BETC Paris and International Union for Conservation of Nature to choose the campaign's threatened species, ranging from the Anegada Rock Iguana (450 left) to the Vaquita (just 30 left).

They note:

For each species, the number of polo shirts produced corresponds to the number of individuals known to remain in the wild.

That means that, for example, only 450 Anegada Rock Iguana polos will be produced because there is only 450 of them left in the world.

Take a look. Lacoste's team even made the new logos to mimic the look of the original crocodile logo:

Only 1775 of these shirts will be made available in total (at around $183/each) and can only be purchased through Lacoste's French website. Proceeds benefits the preservation of these animals worldwide.

While I'm not a tennis prep (and not in Lacoste's market audience), I do admire the spirit of this campaign.

(Fast Company)