This ginormous egg had another smaller egg inside of it

Some poor hen in Australia squeezed out an egg-stremely large egg, one so egg-ceptional that it had another smaller egg inside of it!

At Stockman's Eggs in Queensland, the farm's egg collector "Zippy" made the discovery Sunday during his normal rounds.

The massive double-egg weighed in at 176 grams (6 oz.) which is roughly three times the size of a normal egg, according to ABC News.

A 2015 article in Pampered Chicken Mama reports that the "fancy name" for this kind of abnormal egg is counter-peristalsis contraction:

It occurs when a hen releases a second egg into the oviduct before the first egg has completed the laying process. This causes the first egg to reverse in the oviduct, which is then added to the second egg.

The two then have a second albumen and shell form encasing both eggs.

Apparently, both eggs are ok to eat.

Massive 'babushka' egg laid on far north Queensland farm never seen before by expert

photos via Stockman's Eggs