Pointillist paint swatch art: Peter Combe's portraits

Artist Peter Combe turns hardware store paint swatches into gorgeous pixellated portraits.

Via Yatzer:

San Francisco-based visual artist Peter Combe creates three-dimensional artworks using household paint swatches as his prime matter, usually hand-punched into small disks. He then fits these disks into bevel-cut grooves on a specially prepared archival material in order to create his pieces, ranging from abstract pattern-based colour compositions to realistic portraits of people. Apart from producing portraits commissioned by collectors, Combe also likes to work with images found on social media, especially Instagram. What he finds interesting in working with these images is the contrast between the fleeting, impermanent nature of social media platforms and the more fixed and enduring nature of his artworks, which as he says achieves a sense of "captured history," much like a vintage photograph.

His Instagram has some great shots of works in progress:

Peter Combe (via Yatzer)