Trump Hotel employee guide: no swearing, no sexually suggestive gestures, and DO NOT hire your family!

The Daily Beast and Property of the People used the Freedom of Information Act to force the National Labor Relations Board to release the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas employee handbook, which was introduced into evidence during a 2015 lawsuit over union busting.

Employees at Trump's casino are bound to a strict code of conduct that prohibits sexually suggestive remarks or gestures, and is especially down on hiring your family members, and insists that workers should never serve under their relatives.

"While TIHLV [Trump International Hotel Las Vegas] does not wish to deprive itself of the services of potentially valuable Associates by establishing a policy excluding the employment of relatives, it must be acknowledged, that such employment can result in the appearance of a conflict of interest, collusion, favoritism, and other undesirable work environment conditions," the handbook says. "Therefore, management reserves the right to limit the employment of relatives in situations within the company if a conflict of interest is deemed to exist."

The manual also strictly prohibits harassment. It bars "epithets, slurs, quips, or negative stereotyping" related to people's race, religion, gender, and other factors. And it bars "'jokes,' 'pranks' or other forms of 'humor' that are demeaning or hostile."

It includes a section specifically regarding sexual harassment that bars a host of inappropriate activity. Prohibited activity includes "[u]nwelcome or offensive sexual jokes, sexual language, sexual epithets, sexual gossip, sexual comments or sexual inquiries" and unwelcome flirting. It also bars "[s]exually suggestive or obscene comments or gestures" as well as "[n]egative statements or disparaging remarks targeted at one sex (either men or women), even if the content of the verbal abuse is not sexual in nature."

Trump Hotel to Employees: Don't Hire Relatives [Betsy Woodruff/The Daily Beast]