Delightful petri dishes filled with wool and felt fungi

Elin Thomas uses real petri dishes and fills them with beautiful crocheted felt and wool spores, mold, and fungi.

Via Etsy:

Stop by her Etsy, where she also makes pretty lichens on rocks in the similar style.

In a profile, she described her inspiration:

When I saw the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Hayward Gallery in London, it completely seized my imagination. I then took up practicing crochet seriously and have drawn inspiration from the many amazing works made by other artists exploring this specific genre of crochet. The coral reef has developed into an extremely potent symbol for me, representing the abundance of nature and creativity, how its infinite beauty and diversity can only be marvelled at. It also reminds me how vital it is to view nature holistically and help to ensure that its treasures are valued and protected.

As an artist, it is important to me to remain connected with the wonder of nature through the childhood pleasures of close observation and making collections. Researching and creating coral inspired work offers endless visual delight and numerous technical challenges — I have learned an enormous amount from attempting to imitate nature.

Elin Thomas (via Colossal)