Martin Shkreli's request for a minimum-security federal camp is denied — he's going to prison

Fraudster Martin Shkreli will serve his seven year term at a federal prison in New Jersey instead of the minimum security camp he'd been hoping for. His new home is in the U.S. military base at Fort Dix, which he'll share with 3,945 other inmates.

From CNBC:

Shkreli's lawyer Benjamin Brafman declined to comment Wednesday. Brafman previously said that Judge Kiyo Matsumoto's ruling that Shkreli was a public danger last September would prevent him from doing his time in a minimum-security camp.

Such a camp is considered safer for inmates, and a relatively more pleasant place to do one's sentence, than facilities with higher levels of security.

Matsumoto had said Shkreli was a danger as she revoked his bail for, among other things, his bizarre offer to Facebook followers of $5,000 for each strand of hair they managed to pull off the head of Hillary Clinton, who at the time was in the midst of a book tour.

Image: By JStone/Shutterstock