For $4k/year, Moscow cyber-arms-dealer Gleg will sell you 25 0-day bugs for attacking hospitals

Gleg is a cyber-arms-dealer based in Moscow, selling zero-day vulnerabilities it has uncovered in widely used systems to companies that want to weaponize them.

For $4,000/year, Gleg will sell you a subscription to its "MedPack" service, which comes with 25 exploits aimed at hospital equipment every year.

In one video uploaded to Vimeo, Gleg shows an exploit being used against a hospital health information management system (HHIMS). A list of MedPack updates includes a zero-day to replace files in a piece of software from a company called MediTEX. MediTEX makes scheduling software as well as a platform for documenting therapy and quality assurance for reproductive medicine, according to the company's website.

"We use some products of them in the hospitals too," Jelena Milosevic, a pediatrician and intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, who has also crossed over into information security, told Motherboard in an email.

Gleg's MedPack exploits are designed to be used with Canvas, a penetration testing tool made by cybersecurity firm Immunity Inc. With this, someone paid to legally scope out how secure a medical centre or hospital is may be able to get a foothold in a target organization. But while those vulnerabilities remain as zero-days, with their details unknown to the vendor, they are still open for others to potentially exploit—something which may concern those in and around the medical industry.

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