Watch a demo of the latest VR production tools

Virtual reality is now available at prosumer-level price points, and the race is on in the same way 2D filming reached the masses twenty years ago. Matt at Cinematography Database takes a quick spin through Oculus Medium.

Quoth Matt:

I recently bought an Oculus Rift and the first program I tried is called Oculus Medium. It's basically an environment that allows you to create 3D scenes using pre built shapes. You can then color them and view them in 3D in VR.

I can see Oculus Medium being used to design virtual sets and view them in VR at the same time. These sets would then be used in a virtual production environments with real people / live action.

I believe that Virtual Production will play a big part of the future of filmmaking and I'll be setting up a Mixed Reality and VP environment in my studio this year.

The technology is going to improve rapidly in the next decade, so it's cool to see these early options take shape.

VR Production Tools | Oculus Medium (YouTube / Cinematography Database)