At ex-CIA panelist's insistence, Oxford Union reneges on promise to upload video of whistleblowing debate

Douglas Lucas writes, "The prestigious Oxford Union, where Malcolm X and Mother Theresa spoke, has censored their own video of their own public February whistleblowing panel, which featured among others the lead programmer of the global data commons project, Heather Marsh. The ever so famous debating society isn't uploading the footage to YouTube because another panelist, …former… CIA operative David Shedd, doesn't want them to. Oxford Union's bursar said it was copyright grounds which is laughable since it's their own video, they have the copyright/wrong/official pieces of paper for it…"

My new article, published yesterday at Buffalo's news weekly The Public, embeds and links to the audio/transcript of the censored content. It also links to Marsh's letter before action (threat to sue), which she emailed to the Union (PDF).

Working on this article, I politely called Mr. Shedd's home or one of them, and the person who I answered, I'm guessing it was his wife? Anyway she answered and was all starting to yell at this here journalist, STOP WITH THE HARASSING PHONE CALLS. And I'm thinking, Lady, if three phone calls is harrassment, what do you call a decade in Gitmo, oh that's right, abuse.

Irony: Oxford Union Won't Release Video of Whistleblowing Panel
[Douglas Lucas/Daily Public]

(Image: Oxford Union)