Translucent backlit fruit slices as fine art

Dennis Wojtkeiwicz paints large-format works of thinly sliced fruit for his Rosettes series, revealing the elegant beauty and symmetry of nature.

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1st Image – Inspiration Never thought I would talk about fruit and architecture in the same context, but it occurred to me that at some point during the conceptual stage. The building had these layers identical to how we find an inner most sanctum within a fruit and an outer 'harder shell-like' layer. Rosette-Series 'Dennis Wojtkeiwicz' -Still Life Painting 2nd Image – Light Gradient Plan Immediately I was drawn into the idea, a house with 3 layers – Exterior, Interior, & Court – would function as a gradient and create a smooth flow of natural light. In the Plan I represent light as a colour from brightest to darkest, and the pattern that forms is a result of the openings, sizes of the vestibules across these 3 layers. #denniswojtkiewicz #hyperrealism #fruit #squarehouse #lightgradient #nature #design #harmony #abudhabi #mbzc

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How do mindfulness practices, spiritual practices or ethics intersect with the food you eat? Does your spiritual tradition ask something specific of you or do your heart and intution ask it? Do you struggle to make them happen? I have the intention of bringing more mindfulness to my eating. My wish is to hold a prayer of gratitude before consuming my meals. There is so much to be thankful for: abundance that allows me to enjoy the food, the quality of the food that I have access to, the time that I (or someone) took to cook it, the effort of others in cultivating it, harvesting it and bringing it to me, Mother Earth who produced it, and the life of the plant or animal that is nourishing me. Yet, this practice of gratitude is a habit I have struggled to implement. Once upon a time I rarely cooked. I would buy prepared food at the store. I did not (and kind of still don't) enjoy cooking and I was busy. I worked alot during the week and didn't feel like doing something else that felt like work. Once I found Chinese Medicine and brought my health back on track I understood that cooking my own food as much as possible was one important key to my health. It felt like such a milestone to me to cook my food from scratch. I have become good at it. I have recipes and routines that make it feel easy. It's a habit. Now I feel like I'm being called into a next phase of my relationship to food. To slooow things down even more. To get myself off autopilot. To infuse an extra moment of mindfulness into my day around food. Implementing systems doesn't sound very spiritual or uplifting but sometimes that's what's in order. I started a daily meditation practice by game-ifying it (getting stars every day on insight meditation timer). One thought I have is to set a timer at meal time to prompt me to take a moment… Can't hurt to try that to start. What techniques do you use to support you with food mindfulness or mindfulness/ethically/spiritually-driven food practices? Let's brainstorm. 🎨 by #denniswojtkiewicz #foodmindfulnesss #foodandspirituality #gratitude #slowfood #foodasmedicine #thepowerofhabit #mariebowseracupuncture #mindfulnessengineering

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Rosettes (Dennis Wojtkeiwicz via MyModernMet)