Photographer documents replanting of old rural trees in Chinese cities

Yan Wang Preston left a medical career because she was drawn to nature photography. Her fascinating shots of old-growth trees replanted in urban areas is both beautiful and depressing.

Yan Wang Preston, born in 1976, is a British-Chinese artist primarily interested in how landscape photography can challenge myths and reveal hidden complexities behind the surface of physical landscapes. Her previous work has won several international awards including the Shiseido Photographer Prize at the Three Shadows Photography Annual Award in Beijing, China (2015) and the Reviewer's Choice Award at the FORMAT Portfolio Review in Derby, England (2014).
Learn more about her winning work as part of the Syngenta Photography Award's Professional Commission competition in the video.
Yan was awarded first prize in the 2016/17 Grow-Conserve competition.

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Forest is now available:

Her next project got successfully crowdfunded and will focus on rivers.

WINNER: Yan Wang Preston Interview (YouTube / Syngenta via Hyperallergic)