A Nintendo Switch controller that fits adult hands

This $30 AnvFlik wireless Nintendo Switch controller has improved my game play experience.

The Nintendo Switch "joy-cons" are too small for my adult hands. Even placed in the supplied "comfort grip" I find they are just slightly too small. With Xbox controllers I can simply add a grip and some thumbstick extenders and everything works out. Due to the joy-con's versatile ability to click into the console, be used independently, or in a grip, this isn't possible. Nintendo sells a $70 Professional Controller, but it didn't feel great in my hand either. I decided to try some aftermarket solutions. For now, I've settled on the AnvFlik.

The AnvFlik controller has vibration, long battery life, and the thumbsticks/buttons all offer good tactile feedback. The size of the controller is more for grownups, and doesn't put my hands to sleep or give me any cramping. It charges via USB-C, and connects via Bluetooth. If you'd like to add grips or thumbstick controls, you can. I am using it as it for now but will likely customize the AnvFlik as I get more experience.

I almost solely play Fortnite on our Switch, when I'm stuck in a parking lot outside kiddo's gymnastics training center. The daughter plays some MarioCart and a few other games. I need the larger controller while she, at 11 years-old, prefers the joy-cons.

AnvFlik Wireless Game Controller for Nintendo Switch via Amazon