Baylor University "infiltrated" campus sexual assault support groups

Baylor University infiltrated sexual assault survivor support groups, reports PR Week, using an employee to keep tabs on survivors and provide "PR strategy and talking points" to influence proceedings. Baylor, a private Christian university in Waco, Texas, faces a Title IX lawsuit.

One source familiar with the matter identified the "mole" as Matt Burchett, director of student activities at Baylor, whose job is to coordinate student pursuits such as picnics, parties, and demonstrations. The source said Burchett, acting as a liaison with university officials, played damage control on their behalf. …

When these groups organized on campus to comfort each other and demand action from former chancellor Kenneth Starr, "[Burchett] would coordinate with them, befriend them, and pretend he was helping them organize vigils and demonstrations [about] sexual assault," the source added.

Burchett would pass on what he learned to school officials, the communications department, and [PR firm] Ketchum, the source added.

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