UC Santa Cruz asks professors to rent their spare rooms to students who couldn't get housing guarantees

The director of housing for UCSC's Silicon Valley campus asked the university's 6,000 professors to consider sheltering their students to help bridge the shortfall between university-subsidized housing and the student body's needs, amidst the whitest of white-hot property markets in the nation.

Local share-houses are in scarce supply and a small room can cost more than $1,100/month.

In an email to around 6,000 UC Santa Cruz faculty and staff members, Executive Director of Housing Services David Keller stated that there are currently "several hundred students without housing guarantees on the waiting list for housing."

Keller added that there aren't nearly enough community rental listings available to accommodate the increased number of students. Since Santa Cruz is made up of mostly single family homes, the university is looking at all other housing options.

"The need is real and it is urgent, so I am reaching out to the faculty and staff community for help," said Keller in the letter. "Offering a room in your home to a student who has not been able to find housing for the school year would be a tremendous support to their success at UCSC."

UC Santa Cruz Wants Staff To Rent Rooms To Students Due To Lack Of Housing
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