Linux programmer developing tools for new open source Code of Conduct

Coraline Ehmke is a leading figure in the push to make Linux programming more welcoming and inclusiv, supplementing the project's famed Code of Conflict with an enforceable Code of Conduct project called CoC Beacon.

Via Coraline:

Over the past several years, code of conduct adoptions by open source projects has become the norm for establishing and communicating community values. However, enforcement of a code of conduct is the real key to creating welcoming and inclusive communities.

But up to now, only the largest open source projects have had access to the kinds of resources that make enforcement fair and manageable.

CoC Beacon is a project whose goal is to bring this potential to every open source project, large or small. CoC Beacon will provide project maintainers with a complete set of tools for managing their codes of conduct at all stages: setting up their enforcement teams, documenting their processes, reporting incidents, managing incident reports, forming consensus about enforcement decisions, and communicating clearly with reporters and offenders.

CoC Beacon will be provided in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to reduce friction for getting started, so that maintainers can focus on managing their projects and communities with a minimum of setup.

Your support for this project will fund its initial development, allowing us to build an implementation team to get us to 1.0.

This comes in the wake of Linus Torvalds' apology and announcement that he's taking a step back to work on being more professional in his interactions.

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CoC Beacon (GoFundMe)