Spectacle frames that reflect infrared light, blinding CCTV cameras

Eccentric spectacle-maker Scott Urban kickstarted his Reflectacles in 2016: ray-ban-style frames inset with highly retroreflective material that is visible from hundreds of meters and strobes under a flash, making for fantastic photos.

Later that year, Urban launched an all-white frame that was highly reflective in the infrared range, throwing back so much IR that they overwhelmed the sensors in low-light-capable CCTVs, which come equipped with infrared LEDs used to paint low-light scenes with invisible illumination that their sensors can resolve.

Now, Urban has announced the Phantom, an all-black, infrared-reflecting Reflectacle that doesn't advertise its reflective nature, but which can increase your facial privacy in public spaces.

Urban is planning to kickstart the Phantom later this year or early in 2019.