Shoes made entirely of hot glue

Nick Douglas explains that "No One Needs Hot Glue Shoes." This is apparently a thing. That said, the video trend of "bad hacks" is wonderful and must be feasted upon.

But you don't need to block bad hacks videos.

Instead you, and me, and everyone, we need to watch them. We need to gorge on them. We need to make parodies and response videos, like Jenna Marbles sarcastically building hot glue flip-flops, wearing them, and observing that "it feels like standing on softish Legos." We need to make #content out of these hacks.

My marginally popular "how to get a stripped screw out of a mobo" video was recently (angrily) denounced as a "bad hack" on Twitter and it was quite an honor. It honestly never struck me that spraying electronics with orange-hot showers of metal filings might carry risks! My PC ran just fine.