Bobby Cobb's "Penny Can" is my favorite made-for-tv game

Television's long cancelled Cougar Town was horribly named, but an absolutely brilliant sitcom. Bobby Cobb's Penny Can is a testament to its greatness.

PENNY CAN!!!!!!!!!

Bobby "Wrong balls" Cobb, nicknamed for wrongly hitting his competitor's ball during a pro golf tournament, was portrayed by Brian Van Holt. Bobby was a maker and loved inventing games. Domination Ball was not a hit, but Penny Can lives on.

Penny Can remains awesome in its simplicity. Throw pennies into a coffee can. When you land a penny, everyone cries out "Penny Can!" It never gets old, I can't explain it!

There were countless new and changing rules on the show, as well as a few variants. Truth or Penny Can and Ultimate Penny Can being favorites. In Moving Target Penny Can comedic genius Ian Gomez' character "Andy" would carry the can while the cast threw pennies at him.

At one point I regretted not acquiring an official competition Bobby Cobb Penny Can Can, I believe they are now Lou Diamond Phillips, and less legit. No spinning or lights!!

I have a Maxwell House can. I think Bobby would respect it.