Science fiction writers on the future of work: Laurie Penny, Ken Liu, Charlie Jane Anders, Nisi Shawl, Martha Wells and others

Wired Magazine has just published a package of eight sf writers visions of "The Future of Work," including some of our favorite authors like Laurie Penny (previously), Charlie Jane Anders (previously), Nisi Shawl (previously), Ken Liu (previously) and others — eight in all.

I've just read half of them and they're uniformly brilliant — great short-short stories that pack a lot of emotional punch with their technofuturistic speculation.

But charts and white papers only capture so much. Facts need feelings, and for that we turn to science fiction. Its authors are our most humane, necessary futurists, imagining not just what the future holds but how it might look, feel, even smell. In the following pages are stories from eight sci-fi specialists. Some are set in the near term; others, a bit farther out. All remind us that, no matter the inevitable upheavals, we don't struggle alone—but with and for other people. And robots. —The Editors

8 Sci-Fi Writers Imagine the Bold and New Future of Work [Wired]