Laurie Penny blazes: Brexit is just the latest alibi for austerity

Laurie Penny's red pen of justice (previously) is gouting unstoppable fire today in her column on the relationship of cruel austerity to Brexit: the decade during which Conservative ideologues gutted the nation to make the banks whole again after the financial crisis, creating a lost generation, quietly murdering disabled people, leaving the poor standing in breadlines not seen since the Victorian era — all the while invoking the spirit of the Blitz and insisting that "we're all in this together."

Laurie Penny talks #OWS with a Goldman-Sachs mouthpiece, totally crushes it

In this clip from BBC Newsnight, Boing Boing pal Laurie Penny (who's in NYC covering the Occupy demonstrations) takes on a former Goldman-Sachs partner who tries to concern-troll the #OWS movement, saying that they're flacid, decentralized, and have the wrong target, because the problem isn't banks, it's those damned liberal governments who incurred huge debts with their deuced social spending. — Read the rest

Boing Boing Gift Guide 2017

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