Restored video of High Street in Marseille, France in 1896

[Update 1/25/19 1:48pm PT: Eric Faden, a film professor who specializes in silent movies, says, "I was struck that the two videos uploaded were the exact Lumiere films I used in Visual Disturbances (given that the Lumieres made 2000+ films, it is quite the coincidence). These are most definitely NOT restorations. They are rips from a French Blu-ray called Lumiere Cinema's Inventors.
The soundtrack has merely been replaced. The person uploading the videos notes that they adjusted the speed but the films on the Blu-ray are already correctly adjusted (as has been the norm with early cinema releases/restorations for many years now)."]

I appreciate all the work Guy Jones puts into restoring old movies. He replaces the herky-jerky motion with a more natural looking motion and adds sound that matches the action. Here's a short film of High Street in Marseille, France as it looked on April 11, 1896. There's an advertisement on a horse-driven tram for "Chocolat Russe Du Bebe" but when I google it, the only results are for a "Polar Bear Milk Hat" and "Pregnant Dwarf Hamster Behavior."