My niece's Tikkun Olam project supports keeping families together

To honor her impending bat mitzvah my niece Ilana has designed some t-shirts and is selling them on behalf of Immigrant Families Together.

Please help Lana help the world!

This is Lana O'Neal's Tikkun Olam project for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Tikkun Olam is the Jewish concept that we all bear responsibility to repair the world. Lana has chosen to raise money for Immigrant Families Together ( This group works fast to help moms and children separated at the border. In addition to raising funds to post bonds, this group:

  • — Provides government and foster agency-approved housing when needed to expedite reunification
  • — Provides food and furnishings to families
  • — Provides transportation within the city
  • — Assists in obtaining lenient visitation rights and release of children held in foster care

Please support this important need by ordering one (or more — they make a great gift!) of these awesome t-shirts and sweatshirts.

If you aren't in need of an awesome t-shirt, please considering donating directly via the "Visit Website" link below and include Lana's hashtag: #TikkunOlam so we can track donations.

Evidently the US process to attain bar and bat mitzvah now includes a project of some sort, like becoming an Eagle Scout! Anything for Tikkun Olam! All I had to do was cry a lot and learn to sing in a breaking teenage voice (I did not make Eagle.)

Buy a tee shirt from Lana, help her repair the world.