See the galaxy through the eyes of a frustrated rogue AI in Martha Wells' 'Murderbot Diaries'

All Systems Red is the fantastic story of a self-aware security robot, protecting a team of scientists on a scary planet, that really just wants to watch some crappy cable tv.

Martha Well's 'Murderbot Diaries' are a series of novellas about an anti-social security construct having a mild existential crisis. Referring to itself as a "Murderbot" and pretty much hating the job it was designed to do, Murderbot has a large library of downloaded media to work through and just wants to hang out in the equipment closet.

In All Systems Red, the first in Wells' series, the crew of scientists Murderbot has been rented to protect have no idea the rogue SecUnit has overridden his governor, and gone rogue. Murderbot just wants to keep its secret and watch some videos, but those humans keep dragging it into dangerous situations and trying to treat it like a person. Murderbot doesn't feel comfortable around actual humans.

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