Politician who opposed mandatory chickenpox vaccine has been hospitalized after getting chickenpox

Massimiliano Fedriga, a member of Italy's far-right League party, is dead-set against the country's mandatory vaccination laws. Guess who contracted chickenpox and had to spend four days in the hospital?

From The Independent:

Roberto Burioni, a prominent Italian doctor who runs the website MedicalFacts, said the incident served as a warning to adults to ensure they were vaccinated.

"Dear President, first of all let me wish you a speedy recovery," he wrote on Facebook. "I'm glad you vaccinated your children.

"[Mr Fedriga], like many adults, did not get vaccinated… if he had been vaccinated as an adult he would be in perfect health.

"If he had infected a pregnant woman we would be facing a malformed child or an abortion.

"The only way we have to avoid such tragedies is to vaccinate us all to prevent the circulation of this dangerous virus, which could have hit a much more vulnerable person."

Image used for illustration: Di dati.camera.it, CC BY 4.0, Collegamento