Waiting For Assange: A Tragicomedy Tweet Thread

An oddly epic tweet thread by a reporter who stakes out Julian Assange of Wikileaks for promised news, and nothing happens.

NBC News London correspondent Mac William Bishop may not have known he was about to tweet the most epic thread of Thursday, April 4, 2019, but by golly that's what he did.

"Hello Twitter," he tweeted. "As you may have heard, WikiLeaks is asserting that Julian Assange will be forced to leave the Ecuadorean Embassy in London within 'hours to days.'

"So I am again outside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to see what can be seen."

"The answer at present is: not very much."

It's a great thread that any reporter, by the way, can relate to. Every single journalist worth their byline has been sent off on fruitless missions exactly like this one. Few are as funny at chronicling them as @MacWBishop.