'Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances' describes Disney's Star Wars-land 'Batuu'

Learn all about Batuu, the Black Spire Outpost, and some of the things you should fear in the Unknown Regions in Star Wars Thrawn: Alliances.

Disneyland's new theme land is set on the planet of Batuu. Timothy Zahn's second update to the Grand Admiral Thrawn story COINCIDENTALLY spends a lot of time describing this planet and the Unknown Regions it acts as a gateway to.

The Thrawn story is fantastic on its own. Adding in that I get to learn a bit about the new Star Wars land's backstory is a huge bonus. Knowing 'who is who in Batuu' will help maintain my credibility when I take my daughter to see the new park.

Thrawn is a real badass. This novel covers both young Thrawn encountering and assisting the Jedi General Skywalker near the end of the Clone Wars, and a joint mission later assigned Grand Admiral Thrawn and his battle group supported by Darth Vader and his elite commando unit. Both stories transpire along the Outer Rim, and introduce us to Disneyland's new portion of Star Wars space.

Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars) by Timothy Zahn via Amazon