On the visual miracle of "slit-scan" video

Hashimoto Baku ("a Tokyo based video director/visual artist/developer") digs into fascinating depth on the "slit-scan" technique: "[imagine] a quite thick flipbook that all frames of a video are bound page by page. If you just rifle through it, the original video will be just played. Slit-scan intrinsically means slicing the flipbook diagonally."

Applied to digital video, this "means displacing a cross section of 'world volume' (like a flipbook, it is an imaginary 3D cube consists of 2D image + 1D time) along with 'time axis'. Part of time displacement whose cross-section is planar is so-called slit-scan."

The effect is to make things stretch, distort, shrink and produce landscapes that are reminiscent of Inception.

(via JWZ)