California public library drops late fees

The Oakland Public Library will no longer charge late fees and fines for books, because they don't incentive people to return books more quickly, it costs the library more money to process fines and fees than the revenue they generate, and fines and fees discourage people from using the library.

From KQED:

"It's a barrier that's unnecessary," said Library Director Jamie Turbak. "There's no impact to the rate of returned items when you eliminate overdue fines, so charging people fines more likely prevents them from using the library at all."

Under the old system, late fees ranged from 25 cents to $1 per day. If someone accrued $50 or more in fines, they could not borrow additional materials until the amount was paid down to less than $50. The library brought in $77,600 in late fees in the last fiscal year, but Turbak said it cost the library twice that to process the fines.

According to Turbak, a city analysis found that adults living in predominantly non-white zip codes were 5% more likely to have their account blocked due to fines, 26% more likely to owe fines and 45% less likely to use their library cards, even though many more of them had library cards.

By MsunerOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link