Injured man sues to get name of e-scooter rider who committed hit-and-run

Allyson Medeiros (32) was riding his bike home from his job as a tattoo artist in Chicago when a person riding a rental scooter on the wrong side of the street ran into him and caused a number of injuries, including a broken nose and a broken jaw. He received 20 stitches.

The scooter rider didn't stick around to identify himself or offer aid, and Medeiros filed a lawsuit to force all 10 e-scooter companies to disclose their records of who was using scooters at the time of the accident.

From The Chicago Sun-Tribune:

He plans to use the information to prosecute "the negligent company and rider," according to the statement.

"The responsible parties must be held accountable, including covering the costs of the medical bills, lost wages and pain," Greening said in the statement. He said Medeiros has had multiple surgeries and owes thousands of dollars in medical care.

Medeiros has launched a GoFundMe campaign to pay his medical bills. The photo is from his GoFundMe page.