Violent mobs of alleged Triad gangsters dole out savage beatings to Hong Kong democracy protesters, cops nowhere to be found

The #612strike protests that have rocked Hong Kong for more than a month continue to gather steam, as Hong Kongers march to demand that China make good on its promise to respect the island's right to self-governance.

Sunday's massive demonstrations were followed by mob-beatings doled out by largely masked men in white outfits whom many believe to be members of Triad crime gangs. Hundreds of men armed with sticks and iron pipes stormed a subway station and set upon protesters who were leaving a demonstration. The mob attacked anyone not in white, catching some random subway passengers and bystanders in with the protesters that were their targets.

Though the police did not arrive until after the mob had left, pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho was present, cheering on the mob as they beat the protesters and giving them a "thumbs-up" gesture, calling members of the mob "heroes" and shaking their hands

The police have made no arrests and victims of the mob say that no one has followed up on their police reports.

The government issued a statement condemning both anti-extradition protesters on Hong Kong island and the Yuen Long mobs for causing the violent scenes. The police in charge said that the violence was a conflict between two political groups.

At least 45 people were hospitalized and one was left in critical condition as a result of the mob attack. Among the injured is pro-democracy lawmaker Lam Cheuk Ting, 2 journalists from Stand News and a pregnant woman.

Armed mobs attack anti-extradition protesters in a suburban Hong Kong subway station [Oiwan Lam/Global Voices]

(Image: @CraigChoy)