First cannabis cafe in the US opens today

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe opened today in West Hollywood, California, and it's the first restaurant in the US that serves weed. Rather than sommeliers, the cafe has "flower hosts" that deliver weed to your table, and charge a $20 corkage, er, "toke-age" fee for people who bring their own pot.

Weed is served along with food, but not in your food. According to Eatery:

Andrea Drummer is Lowell's veteran cannabis chef, with seven years experience preparing cannabis-infused meals throughout Los Angeles. However, Lowell Farms is restricted by state California law to infuse any of its own food with cannabis.

In an awkward workaround, Lowell Cafe allows the consumption of edibles produced by an outside source, but is prohibited from serving any cannabis-infused food made on the premises. But Drummer created dishes that complement cannabis, similar to pairing wine with food. She prepares a saucy cauliflower banh mi, pulled pork and a crispy chicken sandwich, as well as a chicory salad with endive, guanciale, and Fiji apples. Vegan nachos come topped with cauliflower meat and cashew cheese, while other bites like jerk lamb chops, fries, and sticky tamarind wings are part of a fairly large snack menu. Prices for the dishes range from $9 to $23.

And if you're thirsty, you'll have to order something along the lines of tea or a milkshake — there is no alcohol on the premises. At the end, you'll get two checks, one for food (which you can pay by cash or credit card) and one for the green stuff (cash only). I went to OpenTable to make a reservation but the cafe isn't offered there — I was able to make one at Lowell Farm's site.