Yahoo Groups archivists despair as Verizon blocks their preservation efforts ahead of shutdown

Since 2010, Nightowl, the "head of the Yahoo Users Crusade," has been leading a preservation effort to scrape and archive the sprawling contents of Yahoo Groups. She writes, "Now we are desperate. We are running out of time to ever save our precious content. Yahoo has never made it easy to rescue it, and has in fact, recently made it increasingly harder and harder. There is no easy way to rescue and save our content."

One site, groupsio, who is run by Mark Fletcher, creator of the original Onelist, is able to do it, but it costs users money, and even if he's paid, he'll never have enough time to rescue everyone's content before Dec 14.

Now we are at a place where it's now or never. We need someone to help us get our plight out to the public, so Verizon and Yahoo will know we are STILL HERE.

Help! They're about to obliterate us! [Nightowl/Mods and Members Blog]