Activists target Facebookers over "Gold Tier" sponsorship of Kavanaugh event

Facebook's top lobbyist is so close with rapey Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh that he took the day off to lend Kavanaugh moral support during his confirmation hearing, and then hosted a victory bash at his lobbyist mansion.

So it's not exactly surprising that Facebook is the sole tech company in the "Gold Circle sponsorship" tier at the Federalist Society's upcoming Antonin Scalia memorial event, where Kavanaugh is the principal speaker.

Ultraviolet, an activist group, has bought Linkedin and geographically targeted mobile ad urging Facebookers to demand better of their senior management: "The Federalist Society is honoring him. Why is Facebook paying for it?"

It's your latest reminder that Facebook is, fundamentally, devoted to promoting far-right politics.

The campaign is supported by UltraViolet, a feminist advocacy organization. "Facebook's unabashed support of the Federalist Society and Brett Kavanaugh sends a clear signal to survivors everywhere – that Facebook is not on their side," said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder and executive director UltraViolet.

As Facebook sponsors a Brett Kavanaugh event, a new campaign is telling employees to fight back [Zoe Schiffer/The Verge]