Remembering Laundroid and other robotics companies that died in 2019

Robotics is tough business. "If you think 2018 was a tough year for robotics companies, 2019 wasn't any better," writes Peter Singer.

"And that's especially true for consumer robotics companies, which have the misfortune of dominating the following list." Here's his well-researched list of a number of notable robotics companies that bit the metallic dust in 2019, and in one case, one company that may manage to reboot itself in 2020.

Go enjoy the full list from The Robot Report, but make sure to pour some top-shelf liquid laundry detergent out for dearly departed Laundroid (2015-2019):

Tokyo-based Seven Dreamers filed for bankruptcy in April. It was developing the Laundroid laundry-folding robot, which was a staple for several years at CES. However, its size and cost – estimated at $16,500 – were big barriers to adoption.

Chores such as folding laundry were supposed to be targets for automation, but many have proven to be too complex to cheaply solve. Seven Dreamers reportedly raised $89 million and had accumulated $20

Remembering robotics companies we lost in 2019 (The Robot Report)