Arizona HOA threatens residents with fines for posting critical comments about its board

The Homeowners' Association in Val Vista Lakes — a private community in Gilbert, Arizona — has threatened at least 11 residents with fines of $250 each if they do not delete Facebook posts that are critical of the HOA and its board, thereby demonstrating the case for criticizing the HOA and its board.

The controversial posts relate to a recent, contentious board election, and involve candidates for board seats.

"Compared to what you see on the national level, it was pretty moderate," said Keith Faber, a former board member who participated in some of the discussion.

He was among residents to receive a letter from the HOA attorney.

"The comments you have posted specifically defame and negatively impact others in the community," the letter to Faber reads. "The Association demands that you cease posting any disparaging, speculative, or defaming comments that negatively impact specific individuals in the Association or on the Board."

Gilbert HOA board may fine Val Vista Lakes residents $250 per day over critical social media posts [Alison Steinbach/Arizona Central]

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(Image: Val Vista Lakes)