Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Shrimp Jesus?

Images are popping up on Facebook that will haunt your dreams, like Shrimp Jesus.

 404 Media explains:

What is happening, simply, is that hundreds of AI-generated spam pages are posting dozens of times a day and are being rewarded by Facebook's recommendation algorithm. Because AI-generated spam works, increasingly outlandish things are going viral and are then being recommended to the people who interact with them. Some of the pages which originally seemed to have no purpose other than to amass a large number of followers have since pivoted to driving traffic to webpages that are uniformly littered with ads and themselves are sometimes AI-generated, or to sites that are selling cheap products or outright scams. Some of the pages have also started buying Facebook ads featuring Jesus or telling people to like the page "If you Respect US Army." 

Also, Jesus loves crabs?

The totally not a bot Facebook page entitled "Love God&God (sic) Love You" appears to go through phases. The crustacean phase is over, having been replaced by citrus fruit.

Here we have my personal favorite, Coke Bottle Piñata Jesus.

May be an image of 1 person and camel

As of this writing, Shrimp Jesus has over seven thousand likes.