"Dinosaurs In Love" is the saddest, sweetest song I've heard in a while

Songwriter Tom Rosenthal had a tweet go viral last week, featuring a short song he'd written in a few takes with his 4-year-old daughter Fenn:

Dinosaurs eating people
Dinosaurs in love
Dinosaurs having a party
They eat fruit and cucumber

They fell in love
They say "Thank  you"

A Big Bang came and they died
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs fell in love
But they didn't say "goodbye"
But they didn't say "goodbye"

The song exploded so quickly that even Spotify asked for an official release date. Which shouldn't be surprising, because it's obviously brilliant.

"I genuinely couldn't tell you why she wanted to do a song about dinosaurs," Rosenthal told Buzzfeed. "She's got no particular affiliation with dinosaurs at all. They're not something she particularly cares about or not, this is just what was in her head at the time."

He went to explain the father-daughter creative process: "In terms of her singing and her timing, nothing's altered, but it's done in a couple of sections. … She's by the microphone, she's got the headphones on, she starts singing, and she does as much as she can. … And then eventually after she's done enough little bits of it, it kind of all fits together. Sometimes we have little breaks. … She gets bored, she wanders off, she comes back in."

Clearly young Fenn is a true artiste.

Illustration: OpenClipart-Vectors/NeedPix.com