Do not lure deer into your home to feed them, Colorado authorities plead

After a video of a woman luring deer into her home went viral, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding humans — yet again — to please, please, just leave deer and all other wildlife alone.

Do not feed the animals.

Do not post videos of yourself feeding wild animals in your home.

The woman who shot this video and a man recently accused of doing the same both had charges filed against them, CPW says.

They could each face a $100 fine per incident, plus mandatory surcharges.

From The Denver Channel:

Big-game wildlife does not need human help to get through the winter, CPW said in a press release Monday, adding that feeding them is not only illegal and punishable with a $100 fine, but it harms the animal in the long run.

In the video, the woman is seen luring a buck into her home with bread and fruit, calling the animal "my angel" and "my baby." She had also appeared to talk to a couple does as they stood in her home, calling them Sandy and McKenzie. The video continues as she films a buck eating rolled oats cereal, bananas, bread and apples out of a plastic bin on a table.

CPW said a second similar incident happened in the Burland Ranchettes subdivision in Bailey, where a homeowner had been feeding deer in his yard and the animals had learned to rush toward the man from surrounding areas when he was outside.

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