Painter Bob Ross: friend to the critters

Known for his soothing voice, fantastic 'fro and mad painting skills, you may not remember that the late great Bob Ross was an animal lover, as evidenced by these videos.

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Photo of deer with head stuck in light globe becomes meme

It's unfortunate that this deer got its head stuck in a light globe. It must have been terrified. The good news is that Jeff Hull with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation managed to remove the globe, and the deer appears to be unharmed.

As you might expect, the photo of the deer has become fodder for all kinds of photoshoppery.

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Lady and deer stamp their feet at each other

Some people think the deer is copying the lady, but I think it's the other way around.

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Deer enjoys frolicking in a puddle in the forest

“Super cute. Deer frolicking in a puddle.”

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Hungry deer caught munching marijuana plants at Oregon farm

Oh, deer. Someone has a bad case of the munchies.

Why do deer run into traffic, anyway?

Infinideer is a weird little diversion made for the tenth annual Toronto game jam: You are a deer, you gallop into traffic, and you have to cause as much wreckage as you can before you die grossly, which is inevitable. Read the rest

How to summon deer

Deer at Nara Park in Japan are brought to feeding time with a horn. [Arbroath] Read the rest

Deer enter shop

The Cedar Rapids Gazette: "A doe and her two fawns tried to get a jump on the Black Friday sales in Coralville on Monday morning when they surprised the staff at Kohl’s by entering through the automatic front doors." Read the rest

Skateboarder runs into deer

During last weekend's Buffalo Bill Downhill race in Golden, Colorado, a skateboarder hit a deer crossing the road. I hope the deer is OK. (7News, thanks Gabe Adiv!) Read the rest