Florida cop handcuffs and arrests a 6-year-old girl for throwing a temper tantrum

An Orlando, Florida cop thought it was a good idea to arrest a six-year-old girl at her charter school for throwing a temper tantrum which included a kick and some punches at school faculty. This was last September, but the family has just released body-cam video from the incident. It's heartbreaking.

From USA Today:

"What are those for?" Kaia asks about the zip ties in the video.

"They're for you," Officer Dennis Turner says before another officer tightens them around her wrists and Kaia begins weeping.

"Help me. Help me, please!" Kaia pleads through tears.

As she is being walked to the vehicle, she cries, "I don't want to go in a police car."

The second officer, who has not been identified, responds, "You don't want to? … You have to."

"Please, give me a second chance," Kaia says.

Fortunately, the cop, Officer Dennis Turner, who had also arrested a six-year-old boy on the same day, was quickly fired for not getting appropriate approval before arresting someone under 12-years-old.