To Be or Knot to Be: The Museum of Everyday Life seeks submissions for its new exhibition

Glover, Vermont's eminently arcane Museum of Everyday Life is seeking submissions from "artists, philosophers, collectors, and ordinary people" for their 2020-2021 exhibition on knots.

This is a self-service museum ("turn on the lights when you enter, and don't forget to turn off the lights when you depart!") housed in a dilapidated barn in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, 30 miles south of the Candadian border. It's a cabinet of curiosities for the ordinary, with previous exhibitions such as "The Incredible Story of the Safety Pin," "A Celebration of the Match," and "Toothbrush from Twig to Bristle in All its Expedient Beauty." They've mounted puppet shows, indulge in cantastoria, put on parades, and dabble in toy theater, and they even pushed their own boundaries with their 2015 exhibition, "Dust." Their current exhibition through May, "The Pivot and the Blade" explores scissors.