Bleach and cocaine do not a coronavirus cure make

Look, I know that it's frigging hard to find hand sanitizer and toilet paper right now, but maybe ease back on the stick before you do anything extreme in the name of avoiding the Coronavirus. It should go without saying that doing a few rails and chugging bleach aren't going to cure much of anything, except, in the right quantities, a severe case of stupid.

According to CBS News, claims that garlic, masturbation (I'd be willing to give that one a go), bleach and cocaine have been showing up in bullshit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. It's disinformation that's making a growing international catastrophe that much harder for folks to understand. Worse still, it's in large quantities. Recently, the U.S. State Department discovered that over a three week period, around two million tweets jam-packed full of conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus were clogging up the internet—that's 7% of all of the content puked out onto the platform during that three week period. Twitter claims they're taking steps to sort out this idiocy, but we all know how effective that is. Facebook and YouTube? Same deal.

So yeah, if you're going to listen to anyone on social media blather on about what works and what doesn't when it comes to what'll stem the spread of COVID-19, let it be the World Health Organization's TikTok account.

Image via Pixabay